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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do I only have one chance to place an order?
 A. The 3M Holiday Gift Box site will be available while supply lasts or December 31, 2016, whichever comes first. Until that time, you may enter the site and place as many orders as you wish.
Q. May I place my order over the phone?
 A. There are two ways to place an order. You can use this secure site and pay with VISA, MasterCard or Discover Card, or mail the order form you received and pay with a personal check.
Q. My credit card was not accepted. What should I do?
 A. Please contact 3M Holiday Gift Box Offer customer service at 1-866-541-1711. A customer service professional will attempt to help you find a solution to the issue.
Q. How will I know my order went through properly?
 A. After you press 'Purchase' you will receive an order confirmation number. In addition, if you provide your e-mail address in the Billing Information section during the checkout process, we will send you an e-mail order confirmation with the details of your order.
Q. Is it possible to make a change to an order I just submitted?
 A. Possibly. If your order has not shipped yet, a customer service professional can update a name or address, decrease quantities or cancel a shipment. They cannot however, increase quantities or add a recipient. Contact customer service at 1-866-541-1711 to determine the status of your order and request a change. Please have your order confirmation number ready.
Q. How long will it take for my order(s) to be delivered?
 A. Shipments within the contiguous United States will be sent via UPS Ground service. Please allow 3 - 4 weeks from order date to delivery. Allow additional time for Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico shipments. Please note: if you provide your e-mail address in the Purchaser/Sender Billing Information section of your order, the checkout process, you will receive an e-mail notification when your order(s) is shipped along with the tracking number and a link to the UPS Web site.
Q. Will my order arrive by Christmas?
 A. Orders placed within the contiguous United States before December 1 will likely be delivered in time for Christmas. Allow additional time for Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico shipments.
Q. Who can I speak to if I have a question or problem with my order?
 A. Customer service professionals are available to assist you with questions regarding your order. Please have your order confirmation number ready when you call.
The toll-free number is 1-866-541-1711.
You may contact us via e-mail at: HolidayGiftBox_T2422@apfco.com or
write us at: 3M Holiday Gift Box Offer, P.O. Box 2757, Grand Rapids, MN 55745-2757.
Q. How do I get technical information on the use of the 3M product(s) included in the Gift Box?
 A. You can send a message using the Contact Us available on every 3M Web page. Please provide as much information as possible to help 3M select the information you require.
Q. What is 3M's Privacy Policy?
 A. 3M's Privacy Policy can be viewed from the link on the bottom of every 3M Web page.
Q. I would like to order other 3M products. Does 3M have an online shopping site?
 A. Yes! You'll find a wide assortment of trusted 3M products at www.Shop3M.com.
Q. Why does the gift box cost $26 this year when it was $15 in the past?
 A. The number of products in this year’s gift box went from 10 to 18 – which is why the cost went up. As a result, shareholders will now be able to order the same gift boxes that 3M offers our employees. You will continue to receive the products at well below retail value.
Q. Are you charging more for the gift boxes to generate a profit?
 A. No, the increase in the cost of our gift boxes reflects the increase in the product offering. Our gift boxes are still sold to our shareholders below retail value.
Q. Why change to the employee gift box?
 A. By changing to the employee gift box we now have the opportunity to provide our shareholders with a more complete offering of 3M products. This will also create efficiency gains for 3M since we can now leverage an existing program.

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